Welcome to AREA77, we are an agency of Digital Marketing, development of Web Pages and development of Mobile Applications.
  • Services:Marketing & Desarrollo
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  • Contact:+737 484 2681
  • Location:Texas
  • Country:United States
We transform markets, integrating the elements of digital ecosystems.

Area77. It was created as the area of digital innovation of the organization schools by Bogotá in this area we are specifically responsible for creating digital projects that help fulfill the four main objectives of marketing such as: market penetration, brand positioning of customer loyalty and by assuming the sale of products effectively, seeking real return on investment, backed by statistics and indicators that allow concrete results.

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The secret of our success ...
What makes us successful is that we integrate the 3 disciplines; Design, Development and Marketing.
Edison D Charry


We are looking for business IDEAS Design Thinking

There is nothing better to start creating projects like brainstorming ..


We explore Alternatives Validating business

We take the results into account in order to validate the Business Models.


We apply Methodologies Lean Startup

Lean Startup is a methodology to develop business and products ..


We execute prototypes ¿Web o APP?

We explore the prototypes and execute them quickly.

Web development

We develop Landing Page, Multipage, Pages in Scroll in html or with the use of administrators such as Worpress, Spotify and Magento.

Logo Identity

We integrate all kinds of parameters generated in the brands for an optimal Interface Experience and UI Design Experience UI | UX .

Graphic design

We belong to ADOBE communities, as cactive members we help to create concepts of color theory, trends and others.

APP Development

We build applications for IOS and ANDROID of Native, Hybrid or WebApp type, linking usage trends proposed by the largest.

Social Marketing

We go beyond simple ads, we search and explore communities on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Content Creation

We plan, develop and execute thematic content strategies with content grills that generate closeness between brands and audiences.

Graphic design
Web design



We talk about digital ecosystems, which include absolutely all the elements and tools that currently exist on the Internet and that allow us to interpret the actions of users in the digital environment.


Full Team

We have a professional team expert in the different areas of marketing, development and management of traditional and digital marketing channels, necessary to meet the objectives of the brand.



Our presence is specifically focused on Colombia but due to our impact on the industry sector we have expanded our services to the United States in states like Texas and NJ.



We love short-term projects, we seek to generate impact in communities with very short time goals, as this projects us as an organized digital agency with knowledge and strategy.

We are not very social because we are always working with our brands or that of our clients, but here you will find Tips with a very good content : )