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What is SEM? It is defined as Search Engine Marketing and will help you reach segmented audiences in all parts of the world.

The new digital era has brought new challenges and new diffusion strategies to the world of industry and marketing, generating new questions such as: How to advertise ?, Where to advertise? And what will be its scope and cost?

The answer to these questions should be given by professionals in the area of Digital Marketing, for example, HOW? It is important to know that search engines such as YAHOO AND GOOGLE make available platforms that help audiences to create the ads that will be published in the search engines and the different associated channels.


The SEM translated from the text Search Engine Marketing translates Marketing into Search Engines, is a digital marketing strategy that is carried out specifically in the search engines and the channels associated with the search engine, such as other sites or web pages, advertisements in the email.

For example; To make an SEM strategy from Google (The Search Engine), it is necessary to enter with a GMAIL account a platform called ADS, when starting on this platform the first thing that will happen is to request a user registration and then develop a series of steps that will finally end in the creation of a digital campaign.

But these steps are not always so simple, it is necessary to wait for an approval and many ads will not always be accepted by GOOGLE due to the type of ads, it is worth clarifying that the position in which the ad will be presented will be subject to the offer and the value of the bid that is decided to pay for each click.

In Yahoo and Bing (Other search engines) it works exactly the same, the ads are given by entering their own platforms and programming from these their advertising campaigns, each and every one of them must have your own bid (Budget) and your own strategy.

It is important to keep in mind that according to the policies of each search engine, advertising may be presented additionally in other web portals, in emails or in other allied spaces of search engines.

Ing. Expert in digital Marketing. Edison D Charry P


It is important to keep in mind that once you decide to invest in SEM campaigns, it is necessary to have other digital resources, which should be previously oriented to the objective of the advertising campaign. It is here where the LANDING PAGE or landing pages play an important role, since through this type of websites we will seek to capture all the information generated after the launch of the campaigns (LEADS).

YES you still don't have the necessary elements to start the campaign; We recommend that you contact us, we will make a landing page in a maximum period of 3 days. Reports:

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