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Social Media Marketing

Area77.net we are a Digital Marketing and Social Media agency, which focuses on results, we search, connect and create communities around your brand, generating motivators based on tastes or preferences. Marketing 3.0 (Emotion and Feeling) 4.0 (Trust and Fidelity) and 5.0 (I.A based on the senses)

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Social networks
The challenge is to sell the brand, reaching the deepest consumer in a natural way.

It is important to be able to understand the market, the way in which it moves and even more, the way it is consumed, this is our strength, we understand the markets and the way of consumption of the new generations, we know the platforms and we continue by Heat maps mean the way users click.

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Vertical channels
The best strategies are to find a midpoint between emotions and the senses.

When we talk about social media we usually point to the big 3 in the industry, Facebook as an organization (Facebook and Instagram social network), Twitter and LinkedIn, but in Area77 we point to the more than 150 existing channels and the hundreds of social networks existing themes on the Internet.

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  • Creation of landing web page.
  • Market research (Buyer person / Target).
  • Analysis of recommended platforms for the product or service.
  • Budget allocation by campaign.
  • Analysis and Arrival Metrics and User Behaviors.
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We are in a DIGITAL ERA where it is important to have a presence in the largest possible number of channels, since users quickly forget the existence of brands
Lorena Lozada

Graphic Designer

It is important to understand that digital marketing is not only based on the presentation of advertisements, it is necessary to plan the content to generate emotions and sensations in the audience.
Edison Charry

Team Leader

Companies are forgetting that there are currently more than 150 Digital Marketing trends, other than the presentation of Ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google.
Diego Alvarez

Marketing Digital

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