For the lovers of history, nature, and adventure activities, Suesca at 1 hour and 15 minutes from Bogotá is the best choice, located on the eastern mountain range, with an average temperture of 14 °c, Suesca gives the chance to make differents activities like biking, climbing and hiking that make this the best place where great athletes, mostly climbers, have been prepared to conquer enigmatic summits such as Everest, K2 and Annapurna.

The presence of the native asseatments, enforced the colombian history because Suesca was one of the first village in witnessing the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. your gonna be overwhelming for the majestuous of the rocks and mountains that surround the town, and be deleiting with the variety of Orchids, Bromeliads and birds species unique to the Andean landscape. ¡Suesca is waiting for a new adventure !

Aventura en Bogotá Suesca


With the best human and technical team, Explora Suesca has been offering the best one day plan for all those people who decide to live the adventure that is visiting an exuberant and amazingly diverse country like Colombia.

With a variety of options in adventure tourism and always safeguarding the safety of our clients, Explora Suesca will take you to live an experience that will fill your life, one of those experiences that you will hardly forget.

We are an organization committed to the environment and ecotourism in the municipality of Suesca Cundinamarca that offers its visitors extreme fun surrounded by beautiful and beautiful natural landscapes full of Flora and Fauna

Special plans

Explora-Suesca Turismo en Naturaleza: RNT: 52111
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