It is the interactivity of the site that makes a web page important.


Modern design

We create high impact web pages on your customers, using the latest trends and digital tools in development and design.


Agile methodologies

In our agency we specialize in the construction of designs and developments for web pages, made with agile development methodologies.

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We are the only ones to offer the creation of your website model without compromise.

Our team is led by true Systems Engineers who will be in charge of its development, they also have postgraduate degrees in Master's in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce, they will be the ones who will connect with your brand helping you to have an anticipated vision of your website, this Counseling is completely free and will help you not put your economic capital at risk.

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We offer high quality and very profitable web services.
Jquery - 6 Years of experience

Wordpress - 5 Years of experience

HTML5 - 5 Years of experience

Ecommerce - 6 Years of experience

We offer our Outsourcing Web service so that our clients can quietly dedicate themselves to the business.

We have competent human resources for the creation and administration of Web pages, composed of professionals in the areas of design and development, who will always be willing to recommend the best for the organization, offering digital solutions that will help to obtain positive results from the web pages, adapting to the needs of the client and the market

Hire Area77; and create your web page according to your preferences, some of our clients prefer HTML or Administrable websites, which we prepare preferably in WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal among others.,

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Landing Page
The pages preferred by agencies for advertising campaigns.

Landing Page or landing pages: These pages are generally used for marketing campaigns of specific products or services, have a short duration, include a contact form and a description of the product - service of the brand that advertises, are ideal to include in advertising campaigns created by the web or by channels SEM or SOCIAL MEDIA .

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For those looking for organic positioning.

This type of web pages is generally informative, it seeks to present the brand, its history, the services or products it offers and a contact form, which seeks to capture leads or comments from its audience, these sites are not created to generate automatic sales from the site like (Ecommerce) Its development can be in HTML or WordPress.
The (Webpages or Multilink web pages) include tags or Metatags, which must be strategically formulated in each of their links and must be synchronized with the content, which can be identified by the search engine helping the positioning of any sections of the website .

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Scroll Page
For those who seek to impact with highly qualified content.

The Scroll-type Web pages are pages known as tour pages, in these pages we seek to present the information through the route from the top menu (Header) to the bottom of the page (Footer), this tour is done by means of labels or buttons that present the information in the same and single link and from top to bottom.

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