Our projects

We are an agency with our own web projects and mobile applications, which include brands and platforms with positioning, awarded and recognized nationally and internationally in Colombia and the United States
  • APP Colombian Schools

    Colombian Schools es nuestro proyecto más concentido, consiste en una APP desarrollada en IOS y Android que ayuda a conocer los mejores Colegios e informarse sobre Bullying. (Premio Mejor APP 2014)

  • Portal Colegios por Bogotá

    colegiosporbogota.com It is our leading portal, its objective is based on the publication of directories of Colleges and the services that surround the sector.

  • Peace Initiatives foundation

    Peace Initiatives Foundation - Peace Initiatives ONG, our foundation has international recognition for the prevention of Bullying in Colombia delivered by the TV network - Nickelodeon.

  • In Fashion Web (Blog and Portal)

    #InFAshionWeb, is our portal FASHION, it is a positioned and influential brand of the MODA sector that presents the new trends, brands and glamor of one of the coolest sectors of society.

  • Texas for You in Spanish

    Our Texas For You portal seeks to present the best of the largest state in the United States, the state of Texas and its Spanish-language cities.

  • Colombian Schools (Web)

    In the Colombian Schools web portal in versions .co and .com, we present the Colleges with the highest educational quality in Colombia, connect with the Colombian Schools APP.

  • Colegios por Bogotá .ORG

    In our .ORG site we talk about the effects and implications of Bullying and Cyberbulying, we train, guide and act against the phenomenon that has taken more lives in children.

  • Digital Consulting

    We are at the forefront of a great leader, this is how our Digital Marketing Manager is presented with more than 150 digital trends that generate great impact on society.